An improved education model for secondary schools

An online UNEB based secondary school system built with a library, laboratory, discussion room and a community around to bring together students from various districts in Uganda into one school Using the Chalkboard Tablet pc.

Intuitive interface for collaboration

Supported by the web version, android app and ios app, Chalkboard enables every student access customized educational content across the nation.

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fully Stocked Library

Get endless possibilities with a fully stocked e-library containing Text books, pamphlets, Uneb pastpapers, Mockpast papers and custom education only search engine to boost student research in academics.

Labaratory and tools

The Chalkboard Virtual laboratory enables students predetermine lab results before even using the hard ware equipment our system will be able to predetermine possible answers to every lab Question, Be it Chemistry or biology and physics. .

Discusion Room

A simple Chartroom designed to manage online group discussions between students of different districts and but schools but with a common goal to solve a question, a tobic or even subtopic.

video tutorials

Video tutorials both livestream and prerecorded with a full video database to help students research and revise complete genuine notes.

“I’am amazed, I should say thank you so much for your awesome project. It is so good and neat.”

Patrick M Founder Vuga Inc

“These are projects that revolutionalise the african education system while creating equality in students' Knowledge and Research. Africa has similar grading and questioning but with no equity in study materails. Chalkboard has found a solution.”

Fenando A Kings Digital